About Hoonah

Hoonah was originally founded by Alaska Tlingit Natives 300 years ago and today is 60% native populations and 40% Caucasian and a mix of others. The Indigenous Native culture is highly valued in our community. Hoonah, a native fishing village when founded still is supported by fishing, grown by logging and now thrives with tourism.

The City of Hoonah is a “First Class City” with a Police Department, Fire Department and a ‘first responders’ Emergency Medical Service. The Police Department has 4 Police Officers and a Chief. The Fire Department and EMS have a staff totaling 10. They are all well trained volunteers. The Health Care service comes from a small clinic operated by SEARHC, that will ensure your basic needs, dental, and vision are met. Patients needing advanced lifesaving or critical care are transferred by Air Ambulance, Guardian Flight, to Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau or Mt. Edgecumbe hospital in Sitka. Air transfer time to Juneau is 15 minutes, comparable to any surface ambulance in other communities.

The City also has a Public Works department that maintains city streets, water/sewer and garbage.Websites to look at:

Employment opportunities in Hoonah included:

  • Local tourism: Bear viewing, whale watching, longest zipline, world-class fishing charter
  • Commercial Fishing
  • City government
  • State government
  • Federal government
  • Small logging mill
  • State of Alaska Marine Highway System
  • Alaska Marine Lines (a shipping service)
  • Air taxi services with a Hoonah office (Alaska Seaplanes)
  • Hoonah City Schools (K-12)
  • Local Businesses